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Fujairah Rockwool Slab



Code Facing
SXXX Without Facing
S2XX Aluminum Foil Facing on One Side
S22X Aluminum Foil on Both Sides
S3XX White Ceiling Veil on One Side
S4XX Black Ceiling Veil on One Side
S44X Black Ceiling Veil on Both Sides
SXXZ Slab sealed in Black Poly Bag


Standard Available Products

Std Size [Mtr] Std Thickness [mm] Std Density [kg/m3)
1.2 x 0.6 50,75,100 30,50,75,100,140

Other sizes and densities are available upon request. Thickness from 25 – 200, Density from 30 Kg/m3 to 200 Kg/m3

Fujairah Rockwool slabs conforming to ASTM C-612 and equivalent BS 3958 Part 5 and BS EN 13162 are designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces operating at both high and low temperatures.

These slabs are produced from long, non-combustible resin bonded fibers. They are easy to cut, fit and handle.

Fujairah Rockwool slabs are ideally suited to insulate all parts of existing and new buildings including offices, homes, retail, healthcare, educational and commercial premises.


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