PU Foam Acoustic Panel Sheet Boards in UAE 

PU Foam Acoustic Panel Sheet Boards in UAE, Acoustic Panel is a light weight P.U Foam is a high-performance sound barrier and meets self-extinguishing fire rating as per UL-94. Acoustic Sheet is product combinations efficiently handles low, mid and high frequency ranges of sound energy.

Acoustic Panel are made for applications where fire retardancy and sound absorption characters are required.

Pu Acoustic Boards are produced for special application wherein fire retardancy and sound absorption characteristics are required. Acoustic foam has NRC (Noise Reduction Co-efficient) value of 0.8. This can be easily glued to other materials such as non-woven fabric, glass fiber, sun mica, gypsum sheet etc. by means of glue. This foam can also be supplied in profiled sheet form.

Acoustic Panel is widely supplied In Dubai Abu Dhabi Ras Al Khaimah Fujairah Ajman Sharjah. Contact our Support Team for more info on Acoustic PU foam board.


  • PU Acoustic panel for Canopy for DG Sets and Air Compressors
  • PU Acoustic panel for Theaters. Auditoria and Indoor Stadia
  • PU Acoustic panel for Broadcasting Rooms and Recording Studios
  • PU Acoustic board for Industrial Silencers
  • PU Acoustic panel for Automobile Industry
  • PU Acoustic Sheet for Acoustic Enclosures
  • PU Acoustic panel for Engine Testing Rooms
  • PU Acoustic Sheet for Electronic Industry
  • PU Acoustic panel for Electronic Data Processing Units

-Black Trapezoid  Panels
-EGG Shaped
-Plain Panels

 Technical data

Grades Nominal Density

(Kg/m3) (+/-2 )

Tensile Strength

(kg.f/cm2 )

Complies To
26FR UL 26 0.84 UL-94
28FR UL 28 1.05 For Flame Retardancy
32FR UL 32 0.88 IS-8225-1987
40FR UL 40 1.04 For Sound Absorption
46FR UL 46 0.98 Coefficient
60Fr UL 60 1.61   //   //    //    //

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