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Metal Fire Rated Anchor (EJOT)

Applications –
For fixing hard insulation materials.
In combination with the EJOT® DMT metal insulation stress plate and also for soft insulating materials.
For fixing insulation materials for high fire protection requirements.

The EJOT® insulation support anchors are used to fasten soft and hard insulating material in rear ventilated facades. The insulation board fastening is carried-out according to DIN 18516-1.

Rotary hole drilling is obligatory in aerated concrete and perforated brick masonry.

For the usage in non-accessible areas of rear ventilated facades, we recommend the metal insulation support anchor made of stainless steel.

Easy installation by striking in, self-expanding
Easy installation
Fire performance class A1: non-combustible according to DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01 (test certificate no. PZ 3.1/17-226-1)
Technical specifications
Characteristic values

Plate diameter: 35 mm
Shaft diameter: 8 mm
Drill bitdiameter: 8 mm
Drill hole depth ≥ t: 60 mm
Embedment depth ≥ hv: 40 mm
Axial distance a ≥: 160 mm
Edge distance ar≥: 80 mm
Minimum component thickness hmin: 100 mm
Characteristic loads

Recommended tensile loads Frec

Concrete ≥ B25: 0,20 kN
Solid sand-lime brick: 0,20 kN
Bricks: 0,20 kN
Vertically perforated clay bricks: 0,05 kN
Perforated sand-lime brick: 0,05 kN
Recommended transverse loads Frec

Concrete ≥ B25: 0,25 kN
Solid sand-lime brick: 0,25 kN
Bricks: 0,25 kN
Vertically perforated clay bricks: 0,10 kN
Perforated sand-lime brick: 0,15 kN


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