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Duct Insulation Sheet

XLPE Polyolefin Insulation Tubes are long-lasting closed cell thermal insulators with very low thermal conductivity. The closed cell cross-linked polyolefin Insulation foam structure controls condensation, has high thermal efficiency. In addition to the dimensional stability, the insulation tubes have a  spring effect  that enables them  back to their original shaperetaining stability

XlPE Insulation Tubes and rolls are environmental  friendly

XLPE polyolefin tubes are available in standard Aluminum Silver Color Foil on One side for other customisation

requirements  kindly contact our technical support


SIZE: 1 m X 20 m X 12mm , 1 m X 10 m X 19 mm , 1 m X 10 m X 25 mm
An ideal cold insulation solution for MEP/HVAC/Pipe Insulation Ducting in Commercial, Residential and OEM solutions.
Duct Insulation Sheet
Thickness (mm) 12-50 mm
Width (mtr) 1.2/1.5mtr
Length (mtr) 10-20 mtr/Roll
Facing Aluminum Foil & Acrylic Adhesive Backing
Temperature -80°C to +100°C


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