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Polyurethane/ Polyisocynurate

Rigid Polyurethane/Rigid Polyisocynurate with it's Low Thermal conductivity Properties: Offers Optimum Insulation with Low maintenance. Enhances the value of property and quality of life. Leads to large energy saving and reduce heating cost. Is cost effective and easy to install. Offer excellent mechanical strength.

Closed Cell Rigid foam Material available in the form of Boards, Sheets, Pipe sections, Curved segments applied in Building Wall, Roof and Flooring, Pipe Insulations and wherever Thermal Insulation protection is required, in combination with various facings like Alumnium-foil, Kraft paper, B.F.G, etc..,

  • Plain Sheets
  • Plain Sheets with Aluminium Foil
  • Plain Sheets with Black Tissue

Thermo PIR Sheets

  • Density(kg/m3): 35mm(Min) 100mm(Max)
  • Thickness:20mm(Min) 500mm(Max)
  • Width:Upto 1.2
  • Length:Upto 2.0
  • Facing Unfaced Aluminium Foil Kraft Ppaer,B.F.G

* Note: Pipe Sections & Segments shall be supplied up on Client's request as per required sizes & thickness


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