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Polythane P

Polythane P is a liquid applied waterproofing and protective coating for concrete structures based on a hybrid polyurethane. The polyurethane is modified with specially selected polymers to form a tough, flexible and durable coating. It is completely free from coal tar and other hazardous ingredients.

Liquid applied waterproofing and protective coating based on hybrid polyurethane


  • Forms a highly elastomeric, tough and resilient membrane.
  • Environmentally friendly. Low VOC
  • Coal tar free
  • Single component. Easy to apply.
  • High tensile strength & elongation
  • Excellent crack bridging properties.
  • Excellent UV resistance, weatherability & color retention properties
  • Excellent resistance to water and vapour.
  • High resistance against chlorides, sulphates, bacteria, oil and common fuels


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