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Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) – high quality cement suitable for most building purposes.  Our OPC meets the following specifications: BS EN 197-1:2000; ASTM C150 Type I Cement and CEMI 42.5 N.

High Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC) – engineered cement suitable for exposure to high sulphates in soil or water.  Recommended for use where concrete is in direct contact with soil with high salt content or seawater. Our SRC conforms with BS 4027 and ASTM C150 Type V Cement.

Moderate Sulphate Resistant Cement (MSRC) – mainly for use where concrete comes in contact with soil containing moderate sulphate content.  Our MSRC conforms to ASTM C150 Type II Cement.

Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) – an inter-ground clinker with limestone to manufacture cement similar to OPC which is mainly used for finishing applications.  Our PLC is high strength and similar to OPC and conforms with BS EN 197 -1:200, CEMII/B-L 32.5R

Q-class Cement – ECF upgraded their quality assurance, quality control and production procedures to the equivalent of ASME NQA-1-2008 standard for KEPCO / HSJV to qualify them as suppliers of OPC to a Q Class standard.  ECF is the first fully integrated cement plant in the GCC to be certified as a Q Class cement provider to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant project.

Clinker – Both our factories produce OPC and SRC clinker for domestic sale and export.

Slag – Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS) and ground slag is readily available at our manufacturing facilities.  OPC / slag blends tailored to project requirements are also available.  Slag cements work with OPC to increase strength, reduce permeability, improve workability in warm weather applications and enhance the aesthetics of concrete. Our Slag conforms to ASTM C989-09a.


Fire Resistant: Ramco Hilux is the only 4-hour fire rated calcium silicate board system in India.


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